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Mexican crackdown

It’s back to square one for illegal immigrants

Case of missing machinery

Plug loopholes to check subsidy misuse

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Justice for Sister Lucy

Vatican has another opportunity to correct its blunder


Bharat Ratna for Savarkar unacceptable

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BJP juggernaut rolls on

BJP juggernaut rolls on

by Neerja Chowdhury

Oppn lacks coordinated strategy to take on the party and its allies

India going slow in tackling slowdown

India going slow in tackling slowdown

by Sushma Ramachandran

What is of grave concern is that the focus is not being put sufficiently on improving the quality of human capital. Short-term measures to improve economic growth have already been outlined and the central bank has also played its part by cutting interest rates. That other measures to stimulate the economy are taking a long time to be unveiled is part of the problem.

Inevitably, Rahul on the comeback trail

Inevitably, Rahul on the comeback trail

by Rasheed Kidwai

The seemingly bizarre scenario of the son replacing the mother and then the son picking up the threads again has the backing of many powerful persons within the Congress. Rahul’s exit as the AICC chief has not diminished his position. Most members of his core team have found parking places within th

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The tattered Naga peace accord under lens

by Maj-Gen Ashok Mehta (retd)

Between the signing of the NFA in August 2015 and now, the NSCN IM has issued statements contradicting the government’s claim that it had accepted the Indian Constitution. On the contrary, it has been saying that it wants a separate Constitution, flag and integration of all contiguous Naga-inhabited areas under Nagalim (Greater Nagaland).

Allow subalterns to speak for social justice

by Suresh Kumar

A neo-rich class called the creamy layer, that is the elite subalterns, has emerged amongst these reserved categories over the last few decades, and they do not let their subalterns to rise further, realising that they may challenge their hegemony. In this way, the space conceded to the voiceless has further shrunk and the subalterns have least say in the decision making, even in policies that impinge upon their welfare.

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Movies, golf kit and $5-trillion dream

Movies, golf kit and $5-trillion dream

by Rajbir Deswal

My apologies at the outset for having contributed to the now-withdrawn observation of Ravi Shankar Prasad’s wanton remark, suggesting the negation of the economic slowdown, saying three movies collected Rs 120 crore.

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Common sense won the day

by KK Paul

So someone may see rainbow

by Major Amarjeet Batth (retd)Musings, last 7 days...

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