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Disadvantage women

Society must introspect why it is so depraved

Sustaining development

Course correction needed to conserve environment

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Environment warriors

People up the ante to deal with public health crises

Hyderabad encounter

Cops should not be spared for acting like lynch mobsters

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Crime and punishment

Crime and punishment

by Sankar Sen

Focus should be on efficient policing, not on strong-arm shortcuts

Pipeline in Siberia a wake-up call for India

Pipeline in Siberia a wake-up call for India

by MK Bhadrakumar

It is not as if geopolitics drives energy trade. The $400-billion energy deal that propelled the Power of Siberia gas pipeline took 18 years to finalise, with Moscow and Beijing keenly negotiating the pricing. Clearly, the Indian discourses regarding the moribund Iran gas pipeline project failed to read the tea leaves correctly — namely, that pipelines are largely impervious to geopolitical environment.

Deadlock over Sonia’s successor continues

Deadlock over Sonia’s successor continues

by Rasheed Kidwai

If Rahul indeed has to take over as Congress president, he need not have a protective shield in the form of his mother. The twin power centres within the organisation have turned out to be counter-productive. Rahul and his team know from experience that at the functional level, it is impossible to ensure accountability if there are two power centres.

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This book spills secrets of a General & his boss

by Karan Thapar

It’s almost embarrassing to characterise what General Thimayya as Army Chief seems to have done. This is the sort of conversation one normally reads of in spy novels when informants brief their handlers. Another former Army Chief not only had a second job hidden from the government but was also passing on secret information to a British-owned paper!

Dangers of keeping the Gates wide open

by Dinesh C Sharma

The most problematic is the agreement that Gates has signed for collaborative research that includes fellowships for young scientists. Such allurements have led to an impression that they allow international agencies to develop ‘soft power’ within the government. Findings from these studies are used as evidence to formulate policies.

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There are crimes of passion and crimes of logic. The boundary between them is not clearly defined. — Albert Camus

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