Monday, August 19, 2019

Looking ahead

PM’s I-Day speech carves course for new social charter

Law should be lynchpin

Acquittal in Pehlu Khan case points to shoddy probe

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Uncared for

State of maternal, childcare in Haryana deplorable

Statutory status for CBI

CJI’s plainspeak on disengaging agency politically

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Where does CDS fit in?

Where does CDS fit in?

by Pravin Sawhney

Creation of a ‘diluted’ authority does not serve the intended purpose

How J&K’s bargain for autonomy failed

How J&K’s bargain for autonomy failed

by Vivek Katju

Stripped to its essentials, autonomy represented a compromise for people in the state. The Kashmiri leadership led by Sheikh Abdullah accepted autonomy to give up both independence and accession to Pakistan as options.

Hindi mainstream films dominate national awards

Hindi mainstream films dominate national awards

by Salil Desai

Irrespective of their artistic merits, either the themes — Uri (surgical strikes) and Padmaavat (Indian medieval glory) — or the filmmakers (Padman) are seen as close to the current establishment. Make of this what you will. Of course, such coincidences have occurred earlier too when the Congress was in power.

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Freedom is not about manufactured happiness

by Avijit Pathak

Democracy has degenerated into the might of majoritarianism; and we are happy that finally we have found a government that is capable of taking ‘hard’ decisions.

Freedom from hatred

by Rajesh Ramachandran

What we need is political rivalry of competing ideas — not religious strife

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Religion in the eyes of an agnostic

Religion in the eyes of an agnostic

Before moving on the highly slippery ground, I confess that my knowledge of religion is limited to attending religious ceremonies at weddings and deaths, listening to sermons on television, which I accidentally tune into and reading the Understanding Gita in 45 Minutes, quite like help-books titled ‘Excel or MS office for Dummies’.

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No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it. — HE Luccock

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