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Students’ stir at JNU

Fee hike row shows festering discontent

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Stubble fires should stop forthwith

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Shafali smashes boundaries

Haryana teen is good news for Indian sport

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Bold bureaucrats distinguished themselves as crusaders

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Ringing the big change

Ringing the big change

by Dinesh C Sharma

The idea of a single telecom entity is good, but needs a clear roadmap

Customise security cover to prevent breach

Customise security cover to prevent breach

by Vikash Narain Rai

With the sum and substance of the threat remaining at the same pitch and the Gandhi family still at the pinnacle of the Congress party, it becomes a debatable gamble to tinker with a time-tested security cover. The family will continue to face a serious threat of personal harm from desperate quarters.

Ayodhya no more a glue for Hindutva ‘parivar’?

Ayodhya no more a glue for Hindutva ‘parivar’?

by Radhika Ramaseshan

With the legal closure, what now? The BJP leaders are perspicacious enough to know what works at a point in history and, more importantly, how it will be contextualised. Ayodhya and the temple have gone through the wringer for long. Even Hindutva votaries might begin to sift facts from rhetoric. The Jharkhand election will be the first test case to assess how the BJP recycles the old beliefs and if it owns credit for the closure.

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Congress’ flip-flops on Ayodhya over the years

by Rasheed Kidwai

Interestingly, Sonia had made an unsuccessful bid to resolve the Ayodhya tangle. In February 2002, she had encouraged Swami Swaroopananda to take on the Hindutva forces on the contentious issue. She shared a platform with three Shankaracharyas at Dighauri in Madhya Pradesh to take an independent line on the dispute. She had decided to play an active role in the debate after realising that the Congress would continue to be irrelevant in UP till it took a firm stand on Ayodhya dispute.

China sends a tough message to Hong Kong

by Manoj Joshi

The central authorities in China are simply not willing to acknowledge that Hong Kong may want to have something less than full integration with the People’s Republic of China. Their inclination is to insist on a greater control of the system. Beijing is clearly signalling that it will press on in consolidating its authority over Hong Kong.

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Army’s connect with Kartarpur Sahib

Army’s connect with Kartarpur Sahib

The sight of multitudes of devotees with hands folded in reverence, patiently awaiting their turn at the Dhussi Bundh at Dera Baba Nanak to pay obeisance from a distance to the holy shrine of Gurdwara Kartarpur Sahib used to inspire awe.

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