Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Odd and even

Scheme only a short-term measure to reduce pollution

‘Make road, take vote’

Residents up the ante in poll-bound Haryana

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IIT-Ropar excels

But a long way for our varsities to be knowledge hub

Railway touts

MP’s bitter experience turns spotlight on menace

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Not a combo pack

Not a combo pack

by Shyam Saran

India must ensure that the international community doesn’t bracket it with Pak

Ground beneath US feet in Afghanistan

Ground beneath US feet in Afghanistan

by MK Bhadrakumar

The Taliban today are at their strongest since 2001 and hold sway over more than half the country, and, equally, the US realises it can’t win this war — now or ever. Unlike Ghani’s government (or Trump’s administration), the Taliban also present a relatively common front.

Needed, a CDS with integrated theatre commands

Needed, a CDS with integrated theatre commands

by Lt Gen Harwant Singh (Retd)

The CDS, without full integration of the three services headquarters with the MoD as well as theatre commands, would be an exercise in futility. Jointness in operations, where more than one service is taking part, cannot come about without a joint command with a single commander of operations in a given geographical area.

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‘Square pegs, round holes’ situation in arrests

by Vikash Narain Rai

An arrest should ideally serve the cause of society; otherwise it would only be a wasteful effort. Done objectively, the FIR is so productive a document as to steer the investigation till the very end. Those are the challenges that are often compromised and condoned.

Clear the air over Netaji Bose’s ashes

by Lt Gen Prakash Chand Katoch (Retd)

Japan’s Renkoji Temple, where the ashes are interred, has a bust of Netaji — an honour reserved for high priests. Sugata Bose, grand-nephew of Netaji, disagrees with findings of the 1999 Mukherjee Commission that failed to establish what happened to Netaji after the plane crash.

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Getting through old age, a day at a time

Getting through old age, a day at a time

by IM Soni

Iam 84 years old, and want to share a secret: you simply grow old in calendar years.

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The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do. — Michael Porter

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